There is nothing more frustrating than household items needing repair. It is perhaps even more frustrating when the item needing repair is specifically designed for relaxation!

It is a fact of life however, that hot tubs will experience problems just like anything else around the home. Some simple maintenance tasks are easy, but when it comes to fixing jacuzzis when they break down, you will want to contact an experienced technician in Seattle, WA.

Hot tubs are there to be enjoyed. You do not want them out of action for too long. Keep reading on to find out about some common jacuzzi problems, how our hot tub repair service works, and what you can do to avoid costly disrepairs in the future.

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Chemistry Imbalances

Getting the chemistry balance in your hot tub is not always easy. But simple test kits are available to help get everything perfect. Bad pH balances can cause damage to seals, pipes, jets, and poor water circulation.

Dirty Filters

Clogged jacuzzi filters can cause a range of issues. If contaminants are not being filtered out, they are messing with your water chemistry too. Clean your hot tub filters regularly and replace them at least once a year.

Heater Failure

Before panicking about expensive heater repairs, check your pH balance. If it runs below 7.0 for extended periods, it can damage the heating element of the hot tub.

Pump Issues

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your jacuzzi, it is likely to be the pump. It is not an easy fix, you should try to prevent this issue with regular hot tub maintenance.


Hot tubs are no different to any other plumbing application. Fixing a small problem today can prevent far more serious and costly repairs down the road.

The water chemistry, for example, is extremely important for the safe and efficient operation of a hot tub. Imbalances in the pH can cause a whole raft of problems, from corrosion and damage of pipes to malfunctions in the heater and circuit board.

Seemingly minor issues like weak jets or poor water circulation can be indicators that something else is wrong. Unless you want to be paying for expensive repairs and replacements in the future, address the smaller issues today. Regular maintenance is also essential to having a long and happy relationship with your jacuzzi.


Understanding the issue is the first step to finding a solution. This is the number one reason why repairs should be handled by a professional hot tub technician. People attempting to carry out repairs by themselves can often waste time and even cause more damage. We can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it much more easily.

With a correct diagnosis, you can expect to get a clear estimate of the repair price. We recommend being wary of companies who are not able to give an accurate estimate. The price of jacuzzi parts should be easily obtained and experienced hot tub technicians should be able to assess roughly how much labor is required.

Once your repair is completed, make sure you understand some jacuzzi maintenance tips to avoid future problems.


Nobody wants to pay for unnecessary repairs, so here are some jacuzzi maintenance tips you can use to prevent common problems:

  • If your jacuzzi does not have an “auto circulate” function, try and run it for 15 minutes, twice a day to keep water flowing through the system.
  • Regular cleaning is essential. You do not need to do a full drain and clean, but try to wipe down the interior, around the jets, and even the shell once a week.
  • Use your cover. Whenever a hot tub is not in use, keep it covered.
  • Clean your filters regularly. This is so important. Give them a good clean once a week.
  • Check the water chemistry of the jacuzzi once a week and make sure it is balanced.
  • Schedule regular maintenance with a hot tub technician. Draining and cleaning should occur every 3-4 months.


Many people avoid having regular hot tub repairs done because of the cost, but it should not be that way. We provide free estimates and our services are competitively priced.

For a reliable jacuzzi repair service in Seattle, WA, contact us today. Do not let small problems turn into larger ones. Remember, if you look after your hot tub, it will look after you!