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Hot Tub Repair Seattle is a company that specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of hot tubs and spas. We pride ourselves on our expertise, integrity, and efficiency. Our goal is to provide exemplary spa services Seattle folks can feel confident in so that their hot tubs and spas are in excellent condition. In addition, we provide excellent spa maintenance and repair services. 

You want to maintain your spa because not doing so can cause property damage, health issues, and financial constraints. Often, when a hot tub is not serviced correctly, the seals become worn from the normal wear and tear. The wear and tear can cause malfunctions in the motor, leading to overheating. Overheating can then cause a fire or a fuse that may blow out. If this happens, then you need to hire a professional trained in all types of spa services Seattle clients can rely on.

It’s essential to also not forget about maintaining your water chemistry balance. Not doing so will lead to corrosion of metal parts in your hot tub, which will need repair or replacement. Spas are an excellent investment, and neglecting their maintenance and well-being can ruin this investment. With the help of reliable and effective hot tub spa service experts, you can guarantee this investment will last for a long time.

At Hot Tub Repair Seattle, we maintain all of these things to ensure that your hot tub functions correctly and lasts longer for you. We provide the best services in the industry at reasonable rates. We think it is vital to keep up with regular maintenance to avoid future repairs and costs associated with them. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Hot Tub Spa Repair Services Seattle Residents Rely On

Hot tubs and spas can often run into problems due to a lack of maintenance or inevitable reasons. While professional spa service and repair can help prevent such issues to a certain extent, it is vital to have your spa inspected and repaired as soon as you notice signs that things are going downhill.

Here are a few signs you should call an experienced hot tub spa service:

  • Repeated Power Shut Downs or Losses: This is a sign that the motor is struggling and, as a result, overheating will likely occur.
  • Sudden Increase in Energy Bills: This generally points to an issue with the water pump or heater.
  • Leaking Water: If you notice water leaking from your spa, this could be due to several reasons, such as a faulty seal or cracks in the acrylic. In any case, it’s best to address this sooner rather than later, as it can lead to extensive property damage if left unchecked.
  • Mold or Algae Growth: Another clear indication that there is something wrong with your spa is the presence of mold or algae. This is often caused by improper water chemistry or unclean filters. In such a case, you need to call an experienced hot tub spa service provider right away to have your problem addressed.

Controls repeatedly shut down, or the remote refuses to connect: These are signs that the control board may be failing. In such a case, it’s best to address this problem sooner rather than later to avoid extensive repairs.

In addition to these common problems associated with spas, our hot tub spa repair services experts can also assist you with broken jets, Faulty pumps, filter replacements, equipment replacements & more.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, integrity, and efficiency. We provide excellent hot tub spa repair services that will allow your spa to continue for years to come. Whether you need your water chemistry balanced or some general repair work done on your pump, we will make sure you get what you need at an affordable price! To get in touch with the best spa service and repair specialists, call us now to set up an appointment or have your queries addressed immediately.